Don’t talk about it Be about it

In the days and times we are living in, we are seeing more and more people who are talking about starting businesses, people who want to start something new, people who want to make a difference, people who want to change the world. According to Forbes over 500k business are started each month.

The question is what are you gonna do?


How to choose the perfect logo for your brand

A logo is used to communicate your brands message. It encompasses specific qualities that connect and linger in the viewer’s mind. The method to choose the perfect logo must be thoughtfully conceived, expertly crafted, have supportive typography and permeate a color sense that resonates with the intended audience.


How to Blog with Coherence

When we thing of blogging, we think of words on a page. We think of meaningful words on a page. What we should really be thinking about is making sure we are coherent and making sense to our audience.

Coherence is the process of making sure your writing sticks and the sentences are arranged like a link in a chain. This means they’re in a clear logical order and flow like railroad tracks. Really, railroad tracks. If you don’t make the connection your reader will be lost.


Startup Founders Fear

Have you ever listened to that little voice in your head that says to you, “you’re in this by yourself, no one cares, one piece of software doesn’t make a difference, so why even try?”


By The Time Man is in Loss

There is a old saying that says “surely by the time man is in loss.” Time is definitely something that exists whether you choose to change the world or chill out playing Farmville. Whatever you choose, time waits for no one.