5 steps to pre-writting better blog posts

I wanted to post today about certain methods of pre-writing that will enable you to help with unblocking writers block when you’re looking for the perfect blog post to write.

Free writing

This is a process that a lot of writers use to warmup and begin to generate ideas. The guidelines are write write write for 5-15 minutes about anything that comes to your head. Write write write. Don’t think about spelling, grammer, sentences, just write. If you get stuck reread the last 2 words you wrote.

What’s the purpose of free writing? The purpose is to write all the ideas that come to your mind to produce ideas without listening to your inner honcho(voice). The honcho is the one that will stop you and say “that’s a dumb idea” “no one is gonna like that”. Free writing will help you not listen to the your inner honcho. After you’re done, read what you wrote and underline the ideas that go together.

This is a perfect way to turn your thoughts into ideas and ideas into words and words into writings. What does “blog population” mean. Sometimes you may write nonsense but within the nonsense you can find a pool of words that make sense together that you can use later.

Free writing laser targeted

In laser free writing, you have the ability to focus your thoughts on a particular subject as you write. Choose a subject that is the focus of your blog, or your weekly writing series. You can also chose something that you wrote in non-laser free writing. This will give you the ability to generate narrow ideas, more polished, structured and discover a topic.


Brainstorming is another type of idea generation that works by freely writing ideas about a topic. The purpose is to have some ideas to choose from. Write everything about a particular topic including words, phrases, sentences, details.

After brainstorming your ideas, look at what you’ve written, circle any interesting ideas that can be developed upon further. Many bloggers use this technique to narrow down a subject. They brainstorm, get ideas and then brainstorm again to narrow the focus of the writing.


There is a popular method of writing or gathering ideas called clustering or sometimes called mind mapping. If you do a search of mind mapping you will find many tools surrounding this subject in order to gauge your ideas and make them flow.

To begin this method, you simply take an idea or topic normally one word. Add it to the center of the paper. Then allow your mind to make relations/branches to that word. While writing the branches, put lines extending from the main word.

Asking questions

If you look at the blogger space. You will see many people doing interviews online via Skype, Google Hangouts, written and podcasts. The purpose of this is to interview people and ask questions. They get answers to questions by asking and getting answers.

Reporters use this technique often to answer questions and gain insight into what they are seeking which most times is who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Recently Nathan Barry held a hangout with online veterans such as James Clear, Corrbett Barr and Brennan Dunn. He asked them questions such as how they got started, building their email list, and making relationships with followers.

What do you think the main motivation was for him asking these questions? Do you think he wanted to see if they could speak? Do you think it was to see them smile or maybe to hear their laugh. Not at all, the drive for the questions is to get answers to what he needed. It was an information gathering session to gain more insight into their world of online business. The questions and answers were very good and informative.

So after the hangout, Nathan now has a lot of information at his disposal that if he wanted to, he could write several articles with specific subjects. It could give him various subjects to write about based on the questioning. If he wanted to, he could perhaps publish an ebook which he is good at, and he could definitely provide people with a list of tips to building an online business from today’s experts.

These are many of the ways of getting ideas via questions.I would like to hear of some of the ways you get questions in the comments below.


The perfect blog writing process

Many people think that bloggers have a super mind and can pull ideas from the top of their head. That’s not the case with writers such as Steven King, Steven Spielberg or the likes of Stephen Covey and Tim Ferris. None of these prolific writers sit down and begin to spit words, sentences and paragraphs out. They all follow a unique process of writing that entails pre-writing, writing and revising. So what does all of this mean.

Pre-writing is;

  1. Thinking about possible subjects to write about.
  2. Jotting down suggested ideas on paper or post-it notes to refer back to.
  3. Selecting a subject and writing your idea in one sentence.
  4. Decision to include certain ideas or not.
  5. Putting selected ideas on some sort of plan or outline.

Writing is;

  1. Putting the first draft into action.

 Revising is;

  1. Rearranging topics, rethinking ideas and revising as necessary.
  2. Writing a new draft.
  3. Double check spelling and grammar errors by proofreading.

Now putting the draft together in this order is not always the case, but most perform the above 3 steps.  Writing sometimes is a long process that involves a lot of thinking and revising. Just think about the time of your prom, you probably went up and down about the type of dress or suit you would wear.

You changed your mind several times before giving up and choosing something. The writing process is the same and does require some thought. Keep in mind that readers are reading and poorly written blog posts are the pits.

Good content writers round up a bunch of subjects, ideas, thoughts and prepare a first draft. Then they let it “simmer.” After some time they go back at it with critical eye revising, adding, deleting, changing this and that. Then they let it “simmer.” Then they go back at it with minor revisions go over it for proofreading, spelling, grammar and then “submit.”

And BAM, the articles begins to get shared and tweeted and commented on by hundreds.

Why…because they took time to make time and write the content. They didn’t do it while they were driving and post via their smartphone. They didn’t do it in 10 min after they had dinner. They didn’t do when they had guest over and other distractions. This is the different between a blog post and as Corrbett Barr put it “epic shit.”

I want you to think of something that you wrote a short time ago. Did you feel proud of it? Was it epic? What was the subject. Did you have a planning or pre-writing process that you followed. How long did it take you from start to finish.

What change in your writing process would improve your writing. I would love to hear about it in the comments.




3 Tips to write the perfect blog post

In this post, I want to explore the various styles of writing your first blog post and give you an idea of what to expect and maybe some ideas to choose from. When most of us including me hear the word writing we get nervous, nausea and our hand starts to hurt and we haven’t written one word yet. Writing is an art of communication that has been around since man began to write on tablets then hieroglyphics and now we’re communicating through email and twitter.

There are many styles of writing such as persuasion, argue, teaching, analytical and others. I just want to review a few relating to starting your online business. When writing or choosing your style, it’s important to know what your topic is and who your audience is. This will give you insight into what writing style you should have. Once your complete you will be able to write a blog post for WordPress, write a blog post for Tumblr, write a blog post for Linkedin or any other blog platform you choose.

The how-to style

One of the types of writing styles that exist is; how to add apps into the Android store. With this writing style you will have an instructional style in a step by step sequence. Step one, step two, step three etc. The same as if you are teaching someone the best way format a hard drive on a PC, you would have distinct steps of how to’s. Since I love Android technology you can see of perfect blog post of how to hard reset the Samsung Note3. Notice the step by step procedure.

The analytical style

Another style of writing is analytical writing which is mainly done to make distinctions between things in terms of comparison. If you view blogs about travel which are administered by one person or a few people, they will tend to offer suggestions for things like summer or winter vacations.

Often times they will make comparisons between resorts, hotels, cities, countries etc.  They will offer the pros and cons of each. Most recommendations they give will be based on personal experiences that they have had at that particular resort.

Another example is if you choose to write about food, let’s say hamburgers and you visit “Five Guys” and “McDonalds” which in my mind is no comparison but you will begin to analyze your experience at both places in terms of customer service, prices, cleanliness and perhaps décor. Is it a family environment or only a place to go to for a quick lunch. Or how about a Tai food comparison. How lovely.

The narrative style

Narrative writing is also a style of writing which can be described as storytelling. A lot of sites online today have a style of writing that works to tell stories. Stories of their lives or stories of someone else’s lives and what has happened to them during a certain place in time.

Narrative writing can be used to lead people down a certain path and help them experience mentally and sometimes spiritually the message you are trying to convey. I remember a year ago when I wanted to do something with my life, I wanted to stop living the 9-5 and wanted to live the life of an entrepreneur and develop mobile apps and websites. My dream was to be able to travel to far places months at a time. So as I traveled along that path to develop this lifestyle… hey that’s my STORY. Where you following me?

Again there are many styles of writing but for this lesson we only discussed those that could be relevant to your online business. Once you master the above you will know how to write a blog post pretty fast.

Happy writing.

How to write with a purpose

In the world of writing, understanding your purpose will make everything gel together. Once you gain knowledge of the subject, audience and niche, then you can direct your purpose of your sword(pen) or Keyboard. Lets take my purpose for writing for example.

In my Launch24 course I give you tips about blogging, writing, traffic, social media, SEO tips and others to help propel your business. So I would say that my purpose of telling you all this stuff is to “teach” you how to build your online business. So my goal is to teach.


Don’t talk about it Be about it

In the days and times we are living in, we are seeing more and more people who are talking about starting businesses, people who want to start something new, people who want to make a difference, people who want to change the world. According to Forbes over 500k business are started each month.

The question is what are you gonna do?